Britney Spears

Rewind 80's EP

Britney Spears - Rewind 80's EP

If Britney released a VHS compilation in 1989, this would be it. I worked on these retro 80s styled Britney Spears remixes between late 2019 and early 2021 trying to give each one a distinct flavor. Hopefully you all find something new and exciting in each of these! You'll notice in some of the songs I have mixed before that I paid homage to my previous remixes too.

1. Circus (Nick* Big Top Remix)
2. Outrageous (Nick* Street Remix)
3. Make Me (Nick* No Return Remix)
4. Ooh La La (Nick* Dreamland Remix)
5. Criminal (Nick* Crook County Remix)
6. Everytime (Nick* Make Believe Remix)
7. I Will Be There (Nick* End Credits Remix)

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